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Hello, and welcome to my website. I have been consulting with businesses regarding web solutions, programming, server technology, and general IT for over 14 years. I specialize in helping businesses seeking growth on the web. I have a passion for ensuring businesses stabilize, grow and succeed through technology.

I invite you to continue reading, and learn about what I, and my businesses, have to offer.


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We worked closely with TrueHit’s Founder, William Weaver. I am continually impressed by his depth of knowledge, responsiveness and value of service. Not only does William promptly execute projects, he catches issues before they start, with up-to-date technology suggestions.

Liz Dee, Co-Owner, Ce De Candy

Experienced Web Technology Consultant

Both as a private consultant and the CEO at TrueHit Designs, I have planned, designed, and implemented many technology solutions for new/early stage businesses, firms with long successful histories, and those seeking guidance as they prepare to launch new organizations. I am humbled by the continued trust that these organizations have placed in me and my businesses. Working together, our teams, partners, and clients continue forward, building successful companies that create impact.

(Will) has been great to work with. William Weaver and team offer quick turn-around, clear communications and have a wealth of knowledge regarding a large array of technologies. I recommend using their services.

Martin B.D., Chief Executive Officer, Glory Capital

Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy

TrueHit Designs

As the founder and CEO at TrueHit Designs, my team and I offer professional web technology consulting services. These services include web design, development (programming), e-commerce development, internet marketing, and general consulting. Our exceptional services have attracted an array of loyal clientele from start-ups to small “main street” businesses to billion dollar firms.
I welcome you to learn more about our services, and contact us to learn how we can use web technologies to help expand your business.
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Previous Ventures

During the past 14 years, I have personally created 11 brands and start-ups, most of which have been either web-based or highly web centered. These range from subscription sites and internet communities, to enterprises specializing in game development, 2D and 3D asset creation and application development. These ventures have given me a specific expertise in web start-ups and technology-centered brand creation.

DreamHappy Foundation

Expanding on the DreamHappy Foundation, the group was a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) public charitable organization. DreamHappy had the mission to ease the burden of families in need. We were successful in doing this by helping to ensure that families had the essential materials needed to help them reach a better future. We acted by uniting local communities to collect much needed items then redistributing those items where they were most needed.
The DreamHappy Foundation was operated by those who care. All organization members were unpaid professionals volunteering their time to help our local communities become that much better.
We were in a tight spot with our site, and we found William, who was very responsive and right away identified the issues we were having. He's helped to create our new site, made it more efficient, secure, and mobile compatible. We definitely recommend William.

Carlos de la Puente, Owner, Carlos de la Puente Antiques

A little more about myself...

My passion for technology started in my early youth. I educated myself in various programming languages, starting with Pascal, and moved to newer languages during my teenage years. I continued to learn various new scripts/languages as the need arose, while maintaining a fascination with emerging technologies.
Once I was out on my own, I achieved my goal of gaining employment in IT. I was tasked with building computers, troubleshooting, managing networks, and other IT related duties.
During my early 20s, I created my first start-up, RPG Media, which consisted of a number of niche subscription-based video game web communities. Through hard-work, the night and weekend business flourished, growing to over 100,000 members. As that entity self-sustained/managed, I created a brand to sell gaming computers back to the same customer base.
I eventually moved onto various other start-ups, including video game development projects, digital asset design/management, and web app design and consulting.
During my late 20s I founded the DreamHappy Foundation which has improved the living conditions for thousands of needy families and individuals.
I am currently the founder, and CEO at TrueHit Designs, a tech consulting and web design/development firm.

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